New technologies

The extensive experience we have gained by working for the new technologies and e-sports industries sets us apart from other law firms. Our knowledge enables us to respond to clients’ real business needs and develop in the field of innovation, and not just solve legal problems – Mariusz Pniewski.

We understand the intricate relations that combine business, technologies and regulatory issues. We have knowledge enabling us to grasp how our various clients’ businesses operate, identify legal issues requiring attention and propose the most effective solutions. This is a practice calling for out-of-the-box thinking and frequently atypical legal solutions that ensue from that way of thinking. Project success or failure frequently depends on these solutions. We approach every project flexibly, thereby giving us the ability to provide legal services to the largest entities and budding startups. We cater to the needs of clients operating in the field of new technologies: the IT sector, research and development and innovation departments.

Mariusz Pniewski

partner, attorney-at-law

Michał Jeleń


Our clients:

  • startups,
  • companies taking advantage of the co-financing offered by the EU,
  • companies operating in the IT sector,

Scope of services:

  • Preparing and negotiating, among others, software implementation contracts (among others, contracts using waterfall and agile methodologies), software development contracts, maintenance contracts and computer system upkeep contracts.
  • Advisory services involving the transfer of technology and the commercialization of intellectual property rights (contracts: license contracts, economic copyright assignment contracts).
  • Preparing service provision rules and regulations and pricelists.
  • Creating contracts to dispose of television and advertising rights for sports and other mass events.
  • Preparing and negotiating research and development contracts.
  • Handling litigation and court procedures.
  • Representing clients in contacts with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office (PUODO).
  • Conducting audits to specify the level of protection afforded to intellectual property, know-how and trade secrets in companies and crafting and implementing a strategy to protect the aforementioned areas.
  • Drafting and assisting in the implementation of information and personal data protection standards (GDPR).
  • Legal advisory services for shareholders in processes to incorporate companies.
  • Drafting and negotiating professional contracts, advertising and sponsoring contracts and image utilization contracts.

Completed activities

  • Legal advisory services for a Polish programming company during the process of developing and implementing computer software using waterfall and agile methodologies to streamline business processes in a commercial company, a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery in Europe.
  • Legal advisory services for a Polish programming company during the process of developing and implementing computer software using the agile methodology to streamline business processes in one of the largest consulting firms in the world.
  • Legal advisory services for a Polish programming company during negotiations and executing significant international software consulting contracts with entities belonging to the Intel and Google groups.
  • Legal advisory services for a Polish programming company to solve a dispute concerning the performance of an agreement to develop computer software in the form of a live-streaming platform for the gaming and e-sports industry.


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